Michelle Wolf  V. Roy Wood Jr

Roy Wood Jr was born on December 11, 1978 in Birmingham, Alabama. He graduated from Florida A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Broadcast Journalism in 2001. While attending college, Woods worked at a local radio station in Tallahassee where he would often fill in for the station’s comedian, who would often leave early. He made his network debut in 2010 on NBC’s 7th season of “Last Comic Standing” where eventually took 3rd place . Since then Woods has been a regular on Late Night and has made countless television appearances, as well as writing contributions for many of those same shows.

Michelle Wolf was born on June 21, 1985 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. After graduating from Hershey High School in 2003, Wolf enrolled at the College of William & Mary graduating in 2007 with a major in Kinesiology. Out of college she ended up working in the banking industry for just about four years. She got her first Late Night appearance in 2014 on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”. Since then Wolf has had numerous appearances on Late Night Television, been a writer on multiple television shows, and recently released her stand up special “Nice Lady” on HBO. On top of all of that, she was recently chosen to be this year’s headliner for the White House’s Correspondence Dinner.

This week Kaizen Komedy looks to cross examine these two comic’s approach to delivering attention grabbing and potentially offensive premises in a very palatable way. Through there use of analogies, cadence, and general likability the comics are able to keep the audience on their side regardless of how off-putting their material may get.

Check our both of their websites: Michelle Wolf & Roy Wood Jr.