Triple Threat


This episode, for the first time ever, the Kaizen Krew dissects three comedians: Monroe Martin, Alignon Mitra, and Cameron Esposito. The theme of this episode was to find 3 comics who don't have a half hour or hour special on Netflix or any other major platform, but who we think should. Listen to the entire episode to learn about these three amazing comics.

Monroe Martin

Monroe Martin was born on April 23, 1986 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Martin got his start in Philadelphia, working the scene for about three years before relocating to New York City. He made his TV debut in 2014 on Last Comic Standing’s 8th season, where he made it into the top ten. Since then he’s made many more television appearances from Adam Devine’s House Party and the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon to making his acting debut on the popular Netflix series, “Master of None”. Martin’s infectious charisma and likability gets the crowd on his side before he even gets into his act. Through making light of his less than perfect childhood, of bouncing between foster homes, Martin is able to send the audience into a roaring laughter. With the combination of his unique perspective and autobiographical material, he keeps the audience engaged for the entire length of his shows.

Alignon Mitra

Alingon Mitra is a Harvard Alum and was a writer for the prestigious “The Harvard Lampoon.” He started in the Boston comedy scene and only took him 3 years to win the renowned Boston Comedy Festival. He has been a writer for The Daily Show and has made several late-night TV appearances. Mitra uses strong writing, affable personality, and unexpected call-backs to dazzle the audience.

Cameron Esposito

Cameron Esposito, born on October 17th, 1981, is an American comedian, podcaster and internet-based television star. Her comedy focuses on LGBTQ topics and how her and her wife (fellow comedian Rhea Butcher) get along. Starting in Chicago in 2007, Cameron began building her following at a number of comedy festivals. By 2013, she landed a spot on the Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson, where Jay Leno credited her with the title "the future of comedy". Since then, Esposito created several podcasts and a TV series with her wife  called 'Take My Wife' that was picked up for it's second season by iTunes in March 2018. Esposito uses great analogies and tonal shifts to put forward her observations. 


The 5 minute sets we analyzed: Alingon Mitra on Conan 2015, Monroe Martin on Jimmy Fallon 2015, and Cameron Esposito on The Late Late Show with James Corden. 

Find out their websites here: Alingon Mitra, Monroe Martin, and Cameron Esposito.


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