Tommy Johnagin


Tommy Johnagin was born in Benton, Illinois. At the age of 21, Johnagin dropped out of college to pursue Stand-up Comedy. From the start of his career, Johnagin has made it a point to put countless hours into his writing and craft. This can be seen within every line of his set, as there is not a single word that acts as filler. Johnagin has had countless appearances on the Late Show and continues to produce material for TV and his stand up.

In this week’s episode, Kaizen Komedy attempts to break down Johnagin’s elaborate writing style; trying to find underlying joke structures, that can be seen throughout his sets. Johnagin comedic style is biographical and talks about his sister, girlfriend, mother, and pretty much every one involved in his life. He is the king of analogy, at times using economics of supply and demand to describe his sex life. He is also amused by how easy it is to have a human baby, "but if you want a shed you really gotta want a shed; if it was not for the shed, I would be in a band." Listen to the entire episode to learn more.

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