Russell Peters


Russell Peters was born on September 29, 1970 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Peters got his start in stand up in Toronto, Canada, at the young age of 19. A few years later he got the opportunity to meet one of his biggest comedy influences, George Carlin. Carlin gave the young Peters the advice to get up on stage as often as possible, which influenced him greatly and is something he attributes to becoming the comedian that he is today. In 2004 Peters ended up doing a set that went viral on Youtube, which helped launch his career. His tendency to focus on various cultural groups, reached the intended audiences and was well received. He has since gone on to tour internationally, quickly selling out venues regardless of where in the world he’s performing. Not only was he the first comedian to get a Netflix special, but he has also been recognized by Forbes as one of the highest paid comedians for consecutive years. Since his start Peters has gone on to release 5 comedy specials, made countless television and film appearances, and currently stars in the Netflix series, “The Indian Detective”.

On this episode of Kaizen Komedy, the trio looks at the work of the international sensation, Russell Peters. We look at his approach to recognizing stereotypes and playing into them, without coming off offensive. He has a way to neutralize any animosity, by keeping a level playing field. That and his constant self-deprecation allows him say what he thinks, without any hesitation from the crowd. He is also one of the few, if not one of the only, comics we’ve seen to have a catchphrase-punchline. His “Somebody gonna get a hurt real bad” is a punchline he has become well known for.

Bits analyzed: Louis Vuitton (Red, White and Brown 2008); Beat your kid (Outsourced 2006); Passport Photo (Outsourced 2006).

Check out his website: Russell Peters