Cody Montanye

Cody had a brief start with stand up at the age of 20 with friends from art school, taking multiple extended breaks for school. Until about two years ago, when he dropped out of art school to focus solely on stand up. 



Shafi: "Cody is a strong writer, great comic, and an awful friend."

Ryan: " Cody is a constant reminder that I shouldn't have graduated art school." 

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Ryan Andersons

Ryan is a comedian, podcaster, illustrator and purveyor of the dark arts. His crowning achievement in life is on one occasion meeting Joss Whedon. He likes hats. 



Shafi: "Despite his need to get approval from the dark lord, Ryan is one of the nicest guys around the Albany Scene, and someone who genuinely enjoys comedy and always ready to contribute."

Cody: "Ryan is a great comic and an even better buffer for dealing with Shafi."


Shafi Hossain

Shafi Hossain is the founder of Kaizen Komedy Podcast. Cody and Ryan are just helping out. Born and raised in Bangladesh till he moved to the United States for college to pursue a degree in Engineering. His comedy is biographical and mostly talks about his transition to a first world country. He hopes his comedy will someday get him a green card. He rode an elephant once.



Cody: "I hope Shafi gets deported."

Ryan: "I thought this podcast was an Engineering class and Shafi was our very young professor. I only just found out we're supposed to be funny."