Neal Brennan

Neal Brennan was born on October 19, 1973 in Villanova, Pennsylvania. By the age of nine, Brennan recalls performing written material for his classmates. While in high school, Neal‘s older brother, Kevin Brennan, began working as a comedian, that inspired Neal. After high school, Neal attended NYU for film, but only lasted a year. Brennan worked as a doorman at the Boston Comedy Club, which is where he got introduced to his future comedic partner, Dave Chappelle, and was where he performed stand up for the first time at the age of 18. After receiving no laughs that first time, he didn’t perform stand up again for five years. During this break, he moved to Los Angeles where he began to get work writing for various shows like, “Singled Out”, “All That”, and “Keenan & Kel.” In 1997, Brennan and Chappelle started collaborating on the screenplay for the movie, “Half Baked”. Brennan and Chappelle‘s co-created show, “The Chappelle show” premiered in 2003 and lasted three seasons. Since then, Brennan has continued to write for multiple shows and movies, directed a film, and has released three comedy album/ specials.

This week, Kaizen Komedy looks at the work of Neal Brennan. His continued writing for television and stand-up has led him to become one of the strongest writers working today. Mostly known for his work on, “The Chappelle Show” he more than carries his own weight as a stand up. He even brought his own twist to the art form with his “3 Mics” special, which allowed for him to discuss darker topics and approach stand up in a way that’s never been done before for a special on Netflix.

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