Myq Kaplan

Myq Kaplan was born on October 7, 1978 in Livingston, New Jersey. He received a bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University in 2000 and a Master’s degree in Linguistics from Boston University. In 2006, he was a Semi-Finalist in both the Boston Comedy Festival and the Seattle Comedy Competition. A year later he was a finalist in Comedy Central‘s 2007 Open Mic Fight Competition. By the close of 2009, he had his first appearance on Montréal’s “Just for Laughs” Comedy Festival as well as his first the Tonight Show appearance. Less than a year later, Kaplan got his first Comedy Central Presents and released his first comedy album, “Meat Robot”.

This week, Kaizen Komedy looks at the work of Myq Kaplan. His fast-pace delivery and quick wit hits the audience hard from the moment he steps out on stage. His ability to rattle of jokes as he expands on premises keeps the energy in the room building, leading to the audience erupting in intense laughter and applause. Kaplan’s grasp on the English language helps him misdirect the audience and keep them guessing at every turn. With five comedy albums to date, he is as funny as he is prolific and is definitely a comic you want to keep an eye on.

Bits analyzed: Open Relationships and Tiger (Meat Robot), Jesus and Grandmother (Meat Robot), Buddhism, Feminism, And Math (Small, Dork, and Handsome)

Find his website here.