Mark Normand

  Mark Normand was born in September 18, 1983 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He started doing stand up right after college, eventually moving to New York City. Since his start in comedy he has made multiple television appearances including Louis CKs show, “Horace and Pete”, Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Conan, Last Comic Standing, among many others. Along with all of his appearances, Normand was also named one Comedy Central’s “Comics to Watch” for the 2011 New York Comedy Festival as well as being named to Esquires “Best New Comedians 2012”. Mark Normand is a comic’s comic, very well written, and has a way of thoroughly hitting topics from every angle. His jokes are very punchy, with his comprehensive use of joke structure being evident throughout and outlining his bits. Normand has a way of tackling sensitive topics adeptly, as to not alienate the audience and getting them to understand his point of view on the topic. He is a comic who just continues to soar through the ranks of comedy and is definitely a comic to keep your eye on.

The Kaizen Crew takes a hard look at the verbose wit of Mark Normand this episode. Having all experienced Mark's work either in person, through love of his albums, or catching him on other podcasts the guys are well acquainted with his comedic mastery and analyze the hell out of some choice Mark Normand bits.

Check out Mark Normand on YouTube, or take a look at his website for when you can see him in person here.

Bits analyzed: 'The Gals', 'Sluts' and 'Booze'