Anthony Jeselnik vs Demetri Martin


This episode, the Kaizen Komedy trio delves into the similarities and differences of two very well known comics, Demetri Martin and Anthony Jeselnik. Both are often associated with one liners, but use different approaches to the joke structure to tackle their topics. They also discuss how Jeselnik builds a brand for himself and how Martin uses everyday topics to write jokes. Furthermore, the trio also talks about the PC culture related to various offensive subjects, and ends the episode by demonstrating writing similar one liners as an exercise. Listen to the entire episode to learn more.

Demetri Martin, born in New York City, received a full scholarship from New York University School of Law, dropping out before his last year to pursue comedy. Since his start in comedy, Martin has written for multiple TV shows including his own, “Important Things with Demetri Martin”, airing from 2009-2010. Find more Tour dates

Anthony Jeselnik, born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, earned a Bachelor in English Literature at Tulane University. After graduating, Jeselnik moved to L.A. where he did his first open mic. After years of performing, Jeselnik was recognized as the break out comic of the year in 2009. Along with releasing multiple specials, Jeselnik wrote for various TV shows, including his own, “The Jeselnik Offensive”, airing in 2013. Read more here.