Hannibal Buress is a Chicago based comedians, actor and producer who has blown up the comedy scene since 2009 and has been featured on podcasts, TV shows (like Broad City and The Eric Andre Show), and several movies ( including the 2017 blockbuster, Marvel's Spider-Man: Homecoming). Hannibal is very prolific with also appearing on the documentary Hannibal Takes Edinburgh. 

In this episode, Shafi, Cody and Ryan take a look at the story-telling style of Hannibal Buress. The trio break down what they find so admirable about Hannibal's technique, his delivery, and ways they can step up their own bits. Hannibal tries to deliver philosophical ideas that apparently makes no sense; like in one instance he says he was drunk and so he need to eat a sandwich, because if you are half sandwich-half liquor  you sleep better, because "life is all about balance." Check out the entire episode to learn his quirky style.