Emo Philips


Emo Philips was born, “Philip Soltace” on February 7, 1956 in Chicago, Illinois. He started comedy in Chicago at the age of 20 in 1976. Philips is most known for his awkward delivery of one liners with his trademark 1970s hairstyle and has been building a fanbase since the early 80s. After taking a break in the 90s, he came back to the comedy scene in 2001, with a new look. He embraced short, spiked, great hair with a goatee until retiring it in 2005 and returning with his classic look in 2010. Philips has made acting appearances in both film and television, including 4 appearances on @Midnight. To date, he has recorded 3 comedy albums, with his 1985 album, “E=mo2” winning the new Music Award for best comedy album by New Music Weekly Magazine. And he can be seen touring the US this year, with Weird Al Yankovic.

Emo Philips is known for telling jokes that are as absurd as his delivery of them. Between his constant shifts in tone and fidgeting of his body, he comes off as a hyperactive child, with the perspective to match. Philips’ jokes are dark and intelligent, often arriving at his punchlines from very literal interpretations of his setups. He’s a comic that may not be known within the mainstream, but is often praised by his fellow comics, with Jay Leno even once referring to him as, “The best joke writer in America”.

Bits analyzed: My Childhood, Yes (E=mo^2); I'm a great lover, I Bet (E=mo^2), Edinburgh Comedy Fest 2010.

Check out his website: Emo Philips