Brian Regan


Brian Regan was born on June 2, 1958 in Miami, Florida. After graduating Christopher Columbus High School, he attended Heidelberg College majoring in accounting. He ended up dropping out in 1980, during his last semester, to pursue stand-up comedy. He ended up releasing his first comedy album in 1997 entitled, “Brian Regan Live”. Since then, Regan has made multiple appearances within film and television and has gone on to release 6 more comedy albums/ specials. And he already has an additional Netflix special on the way, expected to be released within the near future. Regan is within the minority of stand up today as his work is entirely clean. His lack of cursing and blue humor allows for him to reach a wider demographic than most, while still often being a favorite among his peers.

This week Kaizen Komedy breaks down Regan’s theatrical approach to self-deprecation as well as his sarcastic view of his observations of the everyday. His use of voices and mockery allow for him to convey his opinions on situations, without having to actually say where he stands on them.

Some of the bits analyzed: Stupid in School (Brian Regan Live 1997), Log Trucks and Blasting Zone (Brian Regan Live 1997), Emergency Room (I Walked On The Moon 2004)

Check out his website: Brian Regan